Funding and Investment

Whether it is money to kit the youth team for the season ahead or support to build a football hub, the quest to keep football running, while limiting the cost to participants, is an ongoing battle.

Funding will never fully cover the cost of everything required and, inevitably, participants will have to make a small contribution to play.

But, by running your club finances effectively, while accessing money to support your activities, you can keep your costs down and perhaps even save a bit towards those new goalposts!

For the sake of ease we have split the funding and investment pages into two sections, which mirror the two main types of funding you can access.  We’ve also added sections specifically for the improvement of pitches and facilities.

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Further Details:

Revenue funding – tends to be funding towards day to day costs or running specific activities. For example, funding to run some additional sessions to start a new team are considered revenue funding.

Capital funding – tends to be for built or fixed assets. For example investment into pitch improvement, or refurbishment of football building is considered capital funding.

Pitch Improvement project – The FA have an ambition to improve grass pitches throughout the 2015-2019 national game strategy. As such, there’s a program of support and resources available to help grassroots clubs do just this.

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