Referees Association

The Referees’ Association is an organised group of people involved with Refereeing which is run by Referees for the benefit of Referees and is administered from the RA's head office in Coventry.


The RA are organised into 306 local societies in 3 Countries and most of our 13,500 members only experience their local society but are safe in the knowledge that they all have the support of the County and National structures.

Benefits of joining the RA:

  • Insurance 
    The RA operate an extremely low cost Personal Accident Insurance scheme for members which is currently £4.00 per year and which provides insurance cover whilst travelling directly to and from a game and during a game, whilst on recognised referees' society business and also for the theft of refereeing equipment to the value of £200. The weekly benefits provided are at the rate of £100 per week if a referee is injured as a result of an accident. The insurance policy only covers UK resident members of The Association whilst refereeing in the UK.
  • Products and Publications 
    The RA stock an extensive range of good quality kit and accessories at competitive prices. Further details of these products and services are given on the RA website's shop pages which are devoted specifically to those items.
  • Benevolent Fund 
    The RA hope that members never need assistance from the Benevolent Fund but, sadly, some of members do fall on hard times and are in need. Whatever the reason for this need the Benevolent Fund is there to assist all of the RA's members.
  • Local Societies
    Local societies operate like a self help group where referees meet together to discuss different aspects of the game, learn from and with each other to improve refereeing skills. Continual in house training on the interpretation and implementation of law helps to improve match day performances. By discussing Refereeing issues with colleagues from different levels of the game, you are able learn from the experiences of others and to implement methods of best practice which will improve your match day performance and increase your enjoyment from the game. Most local societies have a Representative on the local league or competition to ensure that problems can be quickly discussed and resolved.
  • County Association
    Local societies within a County FA area combine together to form a County Association which enables them to discuss matters of common interest. Most County Associations have a representative on either the Referees’ committee or the Board or Council of their parent County Football Association
  • National Association
    The 3 National Associations maintain a very close working relationship with their parent National FA and discuss matters with their National FA on behalf of members to resolve problems.

As a referee, you will benefit from the skills, protection, peace of mind, training, insurance and above all the camaraderie that membership of the Referees’ Association will give, the RA believe that everyone involved in Refereeing should be a member.

Take advantage of the RA's expertise, experience and guidance. The RA are sure that you will benefit and that reaping the rewards of membership will assist you in promoting your career as a referee.

Your Local Referee Associations:

To take advantage of the benefits of becoming a member of the RA, please contact your local RA.

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