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Walking Football at Moulton Masters FC

On Monday I went to my first Walking football session to see how this format of the game is booming in the local community.

Still grasping the rules of the game, I was a bit nervous; however once I arrived I was greeted by a lovely chap called Phil Andrews, who runs all the Walking Football activities at Moulton FC.

From there onwards, I was surrounded by the smiles and camaraderie of the players.

Walking Football

The vice chairman of Moulton FC, Dave Conway, told me about adding Walking Football to the club’s expansion after recently acquiring a new astroturf surface, which was funded by The FA and Football Foundation.

He also mentioned the close relationship the club has with the local village, and how it’s stronger than ever thanks to the development of the Moulton Masters Football Club, which has led to many over 50s giving Walking Football a go.

Going back to the session itself, I was amazed from start to end.

The environment they create is all about putting enjoyment first. Everyone was full of high spirits and laughs, regardless of their background. I originally intended to observe the session, however Phil suggested I should join in and immerse myself within the rules of Walking Football and what Moulton Masters are all about. 

Everyone played exceptional football and their competiveness didn’t fade an inch. What I also witnessed was that whenever a player suffered injury, the immediate action was to stop the play. Everyone came over to help, not just one person. This showed the community feel of the club and the sport itself.

After the session I was kindly offered a drink and a friendly chat in the clubhouse. 

I would like to thank Phil and Moulton FC for letting me attend their session and get involved in the action. Everyone showed fantastic effort, values and warmth – so thank you.  Moulton Masters have certainly gained another fan!

To find out more about Moulton’s Walking Football sessions, which run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, email Phil on

By Cameron Marshall