Debbie and Raff

County FA Attend Inclusion Advisory Group Training

Suraith Miah and Debbie Preston of Northamptonshire FA attend training day at Wycombe Wanderers FC.

Suraith Miah and Debbie Preston of Northamptonshire FA took time out of their busy schedules to travel down to Wycombe Wanderers FC recently to attend an FA training day around the roles and responsibilities of an Inclusion Advisory Group. 

The training was very timely as both have only recently been given their respective duties within the Northamptonshire FA IAG and it was a good opportunity for them to meet other IAG members throughout the country.

The two main themes during the day centred on what ‘good’ looked like in terms of running a county IAG meeting and what ‘good’ looks like in terms of how inclusion groups embed inclusion across County FAs. 

Participants were asked to present on where they felt their inclusion group currently sat, while highlighting any possible barriers that may be hindering the progress of the group and how to overcome any issues. 

Suraith (Raff) and Debbie presented by likening the journey of the NFA IAG to a triathlon, highlighting that when the group started it was like swimming against the tide but as the group became more established it moved onto the next stages and began to increase in pace while continuing to move forward.

Speaking after the training day, Suraith said: “I view being elected as Chair of the Northants IAG as a real privilege and after attending the FA training day I am keen to help our County FA move forward and develop footballing opportunities for everyone.”

For further information regarding Northamptonshire FA’s Inclusion Advisory Group, please contact Debbie Preston, NFA IAG secretary via or 01604 678408.


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