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Northants Football Deliver Successful Coaching Conference

Take a look at the action across the day

Northants Football Hosts Successful Coaching Conference
Take a look back on the action from the day

Northants Football recently held a successful coaching conference, drawing coaches from across the region to improve their skills and knowledge. The event featured a variety of workshops led by experienced professionals, offering a rich learning experience for everyone who attended.

Developing on the Pitch Workshop
The the first session of the day was a "Developing on the Pitch" workshop by Nimesh Patel. This session provided valuable insights both on and off the field, focusing on how to effectively plan sessions, design practices, and develop essential coaching skills. Patel emphasized understanding the principles of play to better prepare coaches for the UEFA C license. His practical strategies and innovative ideas gave coaches useful tools to enhance their training sessions and player development.

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Goalkeeping Technical Practice
Andy Poole led an in-depth workshop on goalkeeping. He covered key techniques and drills to improve goalkeepers' skills, reflexes, and decision-making. Poole's expertise offered coaches a deep understanding of how to train goalkeepers effectively, ensuring they get the focused coaching they need.

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Heading into the afternoon sessions FA Mentor Develop Lee Garlick, hosted a conversation about his upcoming Mentors series. This discussion offered coaches the chance to engage in an open dialogue, sharing experiences and advice on what mentoring looks like to them. Coaches had the opportunity to reflect on their practices and gain new perspectives on how they can look to develop a mentoring offer within their grassroots club set up. 

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Combination Play Workshop
The final session saw Coach Develop Quintin Allen deliver a workshop on combination play. He explored teamwork and passing strategies, providing practical exercises and drills to improve teams' fluidity and cooperation on the field. Allen's insights helped coaches understand how to foster attacking understanding among players, leading to more dynamic and successful play.

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The conference not only provided theoretical knowledge but also practical applications, ensuring that coaches left with a well-rounded understanding of the FA coaching framework.
James Lock (Football Development Officer - Workforce & Behaviour), had this to say about the conference:

"We are thrilled with the turnout and the positive feedback from all the participants. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive learning experience that benefits all local grassroots coaches whether they are a beginner or a season regular. The workshops and discussions have equipped our coaches with new skills and ideas that they can take back to their clubs. Our committed to supporting the local coaching community will continue with more workshop deliver across next season and hopefully we will see some new faces in attendance."

Overall, the Northants Football Coaching Conference was a great experience with plans to host something similar at the end of next season. 

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