A full breakdown of The FA disciplinary process



In accordance with The FA’s discipline procedures, Northamptonshire FA is fully responsible for maintaining discipline at local grassroots level.

This section of the website will be up-to-date with relevant information and guidance on a regular basis.

However if you need further assistance or have any queries, please get in touch, as we're only too happy to help.


All discipline for clubs is dealt with through Whole Game System.

This means that you will no longer receive a paper club statement as all discipline matters will be processed through the Whole Game System.

Payments can also be made through the Whole Game System, however we will still accept payment direct to Northamptonshire FA by cheque, cash, card or BACS payment.

To log into the WGS please use the link below. You will need to use your FAN number and password to log in.


To reset your FAN number or password please click here

By processing your discipline through online means you will be able to do the following:

-          Respond to cautions
-          Respond to standard charges
-          Respond to misconduct charges
-          Claim for cases of wrongful dismissal / mistaken identity
-          Payments / invoices
-          Manage permissions for club officials
-          Add players to your club

Please click here to download the WGS Discipline Manual.

Please click here to download the Discipline Help Manual.

Covered in the manual are the following:

•    Suspensions
•    Appeals
•    Cautions
•    Standard Charges
•    Misconduct Charges
•    Missing Player Details
•    Respect Sanctions
•    Multi-Player Misconduct
•    Poor Disciplinary Points


If a participant has left owing money to a club or league, Northamptonshire FA maybe able to help assist in recovering the debt.  

Not all monies are valid debts however those that do, the County FA can help assisting with the recovery. Participants that fail to pay after Northamptonshire FA have got involved will be suspended sine die from all football.

If you want to use Football Debt Recovery, please click here



To some people abusive words are considered to be a normal part of a game of football. However, any discriminatory comments and abuse is unacceptable.

Any form of discrimination needs to be dealt with, and individuals who are guilty of discrimination will face disciplinary action.

Please click here to refer to our discrimination document at the bottom of the page for more information and how to report cases of discrimination to us.



Any comments posted on social media by a participant of the game which are deemed to be offensive, threatening, violent or that is deemed to have brought the game into disrepute will result in action being taken by Northamptonshire FA, even if the comment is not to do with football.

A participant is a player, referee, coach, parent, spectator, club official and any other individual who has an active involvement within football. Participants are responsible for any comments that are made on their account.

Clubs and leagues are responsible for all content that goes on their accounts, and if comments cannot be traced back to an individual, the club or league will be held accountable for these.

Northamptonshire FA appreciates that websites and social media are an important tool when communicating to a wider community, but will just remind clubs, players and officials to be respectful when using it.

If you are concerned about comments being made on social media please email discipline@northantsfa.com informing us of the comments, the person that made the comments, what date they were made and if possible a screen shot of the comment.

Additional information regarding the use of social media can be found within our Taking Safeguarding Online page.



Joe England

Football Services Officer (Discipline)

E-Mail: discipline@northantsfa.com

Telephone: 01604 678403