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Swain Benevolent Fund

Supporting players affected by injury


Registered Charity No: 1082894

The fund is a registered charity and relies solely on donations from clubs, leagues and individuals for its income.

The fund was set up by the Northamtponshire FA many years ago to help players suffering financial hardship as a result of injuries sustained whilst playing football. The scheme can offer help to all involved in the game who have become incapacitated and in need of temporary financial assistance. This is a vital source of help at those times when serious injuries, such as a broken leg, prevent them from working and being able to provide for their families.

The Swain Benevolent Fund supports the local grassroots football ‘family’ in times of need. The fund offers grants to help participants, including player and sometimes their dependants, match officials, volunteers and administrators who are suffering financial hardship or other disadvantage as a result of injury or illness – all of whom serve the game under the auspices and boundary of the Northamptonshire Football Association by means of affiliation, registration or membership.  

During the past few seasons, the awarding of grants of (up to £500 depending on need) has not been matched by the income from donations and the balances held by the fund are falling. Approximately 30-40 people are helped each season and currently, around £3000 - £5000 is given in awards each year. However annual donations barely reach £3000. Should the needs of player’s increase the fund will be depleted sooner rather than later.  

All support to the fund are greatly appreciated and will assist in the fund being able to maintain financial support where and when needed. All donations go direct to the fund as the Association funds the administration to fully support its work.

Should you need to know more about the work of the fund please do not hesitate in getting in touch.


Karen Geary  

Executive Assistant (finance) 


Telephone: 01604 670741