Everyone can play their part

Respect isn’t just earned on the pitch, its earned off of it as well. When we talk about Respect, we are talking about the positive environment we want to encourage across all of football.

It’s about making the game a better place for all to enjoy.

To achieve this, we understand the importance of the role of our coaches across the game in implementing a positive environment to make their players better on and off the pitch.

A coaches dedication takes players to the next level. Tactics, skills, fitness - all these things are important, but there’s one big factor that can make a huge difference to the people you coach - and it could be the simplest change you make this year to transform your team. 

“My coach was just so infectiously positive and enthusiastic all the time.” - Esme Morgan

“My coach didn’t only build me as a player - he built me as a person.” - Marcus Rashford

Hear directly from our England stars on the importance their grassroots coaches played on influencing and shaping their footballing journeys and setting them on the right path to a successful career. And when we spoke to the former grassroots coaches, they told us that their ethos revolved around making the players feel positive and respected.

Studies have even shown that players who feel positive on the pitch actually play better. 

While as a coach you can’t control each moment on the pitch, you can set the tone before and during every match, at every training session, in every interaction with your team.

See our handy tips for help instil a more positive environment for your club.

Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour

Responding to incidents of racism, discrimination, harassment and bullying

Dealing with inappropriate behaviour from players

Dealing with inappropriate behaviour from players/spectators

Esme Morgan on her Coaching Influence

Hear from Esme Morgan and her grassroots coach Martin Windle on the importance of positivity and respect.


Within your club you will have a Welfare Officer, you can gain his or her details from your club secretary (if you’re not aware who this is). Please speak to them ASAP after the incident and they will be able to action the next steps, depending on the seriousness of the incident.
Someone who promotes all the behaviours (for example fairness, integrity, inclusion and leadership). This could be someone within a club or league and is not a formal role. Why not have more than one!

Yes, there is a Respect equipment scheme which the FA delivers in partnership with the Football Foundation. You can visit by clicking here.

Your County FA would love to hear some positive work being carried out for Respect. If your County FA is on social media, simply use their handle and engage using #Respect.

Share your message and a picture. Please note, if you are taking pictures of children and using for social media, consent will need to be given by the child’s parent/guardian/carer.
Please contact the Respect Champion or County Welfare Officer at your County FA. They would be happy to hear your ideas and can provide you with some constructive feedback.
Everyone is responsible and should play their part in creating safe, fun and inclusive environments. No matter what your role is, let’s work together to unite the game.
Yes, absolutely. County FAs are happy to work with individuals/groups that wish to champion Respect. Please send details of your workshop to your Respect contact.