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Safeguarding Review Panel Vacancy

The FA is currently recruiting safeguarding specialists (voluntary) to sit on the Safeguarding Review Panels.

The FA wishes to appoint a number of Safeguarding Review Panel Members and a number of Safeguarding Review Panel Chairs, who have the appropriate experience of safeguarding legislation, regulations and policy in the context of football to sit on or Chair Safeguarding Review Panels and/or Safeguarding Appeal Boards. 

As a Safeguarding Review Panel Member or Chair, you will play a key role in upholding the integrity of football in England.

Safeguarding Review Panels are normally three-person panels which hear safeguarding cases and have the power to impose appropriate safeguards, interim suspensions and other orders against participants in the game of football, where appropriate. 

Safeguarding Appeal Boards are normally three-person panels which hear, amongst other things, appeals of Safeguarding Review Panel decisions.


The key attributes required are:

Significant and demonstrable safeguarding experience, either as a doctor, care worker, social worker, member of the police or similar profession.
Significant knowledge of relevant safeguarding legislation, regulations and policy and an understanding of how these are relevant in the context of football.
A knowledge and appreciation of football would be advantageous, although not essential;
An ability to assess evidence and submissions put before a Safeguarding Review Panel/Safeguarding Appeal Board in an open, knowledgeable and fair-minded way;
Sound and objective judgement;
Strong interpersonal skills, excellent listening and communication skills; an Integrity, impartiality and high ethical standards.

Please CLICK HERE to apply.

The closing date has been extended until midnight on Friday 1 December 2017.