Kick It Out

Discrimination - A Global View

In the largest recorded study of its kind, Kick It Out, football’s equality and inclusion organisation, has released a report documenting global attitudes towards issues of racism in football.

With close to 27,000 respondents from 38 different countries, the data report reveals international attitudes towards some of the most significant issues of racial equality within the sport.

One of the key findings indicated that while many witnessed racial abuse (globally 54%) only 28% knew how to report the incidents in the UK. More than 50% witnessed racial discrimination but only 40% of them knew who or how to report this.

On a local level we have seen a rise in the incidents of discrimination reported to us this season and recognise the need to promote methods of reporting so that cases of discrimination are dealt with appropriately. Interestingly, where poor practice is reported to us it tends to be linked to coaches/parents. In the discrimination cases reported it was from player to player.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that discrimination is kicked out of our game.

Discriminatory abuse includes a reference, whether expressed or implied, to any one or more of the following:

• Ethnic origin
• Colour
• Race
• Nationality
• Religion or belief
• Gender
• Gender reassignment
• Sexual Orientation
• Disability

If you have cause for concern, please contact one of the following:

Kick it Out – 0800 169 9414

The FA:  / 0800 085 0508

Northants FA:

For more information on Kick It Out and the results of the recent survey, visit their website below.