COVID 19 Update - Tournament Participation

An update from Public Health Northamptonshire

Following a previous update, Northampton borough is still being asked to follow additional measures to avoid further restrictions, therefore, impacting football participation including more than two teams.

Following on from previous guidance, Public Health Northamptonshire have advised there has been no change regarding this and their stance still remains the same. 

They have continued to recommend that Northamptonshire FA inform local football clubs and organisations that any competition that includes more than two teams should not be permitted at the current time (including football festivals, small sided competitions or multi team tournaments).

This guidance includes playing in tournaments and small sided competitions that fall outside of Northamptonshire FA's boundaries. We do not approve of teams travel and participation in such tournaments and if teams do decide to ignore this, their insurance will be invalid as a result.

 Compliance will continue to be monitored and if there are any breaches of the guidance, local enforcement powers may be implemented.

 We appreciate your continued support on a difficult situation for all. 


 For more details on the FA's detailed COVID-19 guidance, click below:

Fa detailed COVID-19 Guidance