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Northamptonshire FA County Cup Update - Monday 4 May 2020

The Northamptonshire FA County Cup committee had a meeting on Friday (1 May) to discuss the viability of continuing with the County Cups for this season in light of the Covid-19 virus and the Government enforced lockdown.

Input to the committee received by leagues and clubs was noted and discussed at length. 

It was felt that the time had come to close the competitions. This means that no further games (including finals) will take place. 

The Board will now review the County Cup entrance fees alongside the Affiliation fees for next season and we will cascade that to all clubs once a decision has been made.

We fully appreciate that this is disappointing news and not everyone will be happy with this decision. The committee has, however, acted in the best interests of players, volunteers, families and the football community in the county.

These are unprecedented times and it is difficult to predict the future.  

Please take care and stay safe,

NFA County Cup Committee