Club Covid Care Toolkit

Club COVID Care Toolkit

Helping you to support and engage through lockdown

 Fed up of lockdown? Want to get back to football? Same here. We want to help YOU.

We know that current lockdown and shut down of all football activity is a source of frustration for managers, players and parents alike so we want to help you. We want to ensure that supporting children's mental health and wellbeing during this period and when we return to football is a priority, so to help you we've put together lots of different ideas.

Below, you will see in the 'related documents' that there is a booklet and numerous different ideas that have been put together that you may want to use to make sure the lockdown, and the subsequent return to football, whenever that may be, is a physically and mentally healthy one.

Please take a look and share our Club COVID Care Toolkit that's been put together to help your players during this time.

If you have any questions, comments or queries about anything in the booklet or any concerns during this period, the NFA Safeguarding Team are happy to help and can be contacted by the following ways:

Rosie McCarthy - Designated Safeguarding Officer
07535 640452

Luke Scott - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer
07943 809195