Inclusion Advisory Group Chair Vacancy

The deadline for applications is Friday 24 September 2021.

Northamptonshire Football Association Are Looking For A Passionate And Innovative Individual To Sit On Our Board Of Directors And Chair Our Inclusion Advisory Group.

The Role: 

We are looking for a passionate and innovative individual to sit on our Board of Directors and chair our Inclusion Advisory Group.

The individual will help shape the organisation’s direction of travel to ensure children, young people and adults of all backgrounds and communities can access high quality opportunities. The Director will lead the Inclusion Advisory Group to support our organisation in updating and delivering our Equality Action Plan and support projects across the organisation in helping to continue to achieve the Equality Standards for sport.

About Northamptonshire FA:

We are the not-for-profit governing body for football in Northamptonshire. We lead, govern, support, safeguard and deliver playing opportunities to all aspects of the game in the county.

Northamptonshire FA Board:

The board is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the Association and exclusively empowered to lead it. Matters reserved to the Board include:

Approval of the Association’s strategy 
Approval of the long-term financial plan and annual budget.  
Monitoring delivery of the strategic plan and objectives. 
Periodic review of the financial plan and performance against annual budget.
Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance as required.
Periodic review of major risks.
Discussion of, and engagement with, stakeholder proposals and concerns; and 
A process to identify areas where the Board may be assisted by further education and training.

Non-Executive Director Role purpose:

To serve as a Director of the Company and to actively participate in its strategic management.
To execute the responsibilities of a Company Director in accordance with the Companies Act (2006) and other relevant legislation.
To safeguard the interests of the Membership and stakeholders of the Association.
To contribute to constructive debate on all Board matters.
To promote equality of opportunity throughout the Association.
To participate in Board induction, training or development and performance monitoring.
To perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Board.

Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG):

The IAG acts as the check and balance to Northamptonshire FA's equality, diversity and inclusion work and comprises of a minimum of six members and a Chair with collective knowledge and experience of specific aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion such as race; gender equality; disability equality; mental health; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and faith communities.

The Inclusion Advisory Group usually meet monthly and is an independent Group that provides advice to the main CFA Board. The IAG reports into CFA Chief Executive.

IAG Chair Role Purpose:

Chairing the Inclusion Advisory Group.
Challenge and support the organisation in terms of our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
Supporting in delivering the equality objectives and ensuring they are embedded across the organisation.
Promote a culture of respect for inclusion and champion inclusion and equality issues across football.
Lead the development of an Equality Action Plan for the organisation.
Support with Equality Impact Assessments.
Advise on funding opportunities to support any specific equality projects.
Promote and highlight good practise from Governing Bodies and other sports/organisations.
Undertake such other duties as Northamptonshire FA Board may direct from time to time.

How to apply:

Complete the application form below and submit to the Chief Executive Officer, Christian Smith via email: christian.smith@northamptonshirefa.com


Deadline for applications is Friday 24 September 2021.

It is essential that applicants clearly demonstrate their ability to meet the requirements of the role, explaining how their knowledge, experience and skills will assist them.

We would appreciate if you could complete the Equality & Diversity Monitoring form with your application. Completion of this form is entirely optional however it does on a generalised level provide the Association with the opportunity to track the breadth and depth of the applications from different parts of the community.

Northamptonshire FA is committed to equality of opportunity. We would welcome applications from all aspects of the community.