Right Minded Football pilot project kicks-off

 Right Minded Football pilot project kicks-off

Fifteen clubs join Northants Football's positive behaviour project.  

Northants Football have today launched a new project to reward clubs with their efforts towards creating a positive matchday environment. Initially rolled out as a pilot scheme working closely with 15 clubs, we have set six objectives that closely relate to our three-year strategy. Clubs will be scored monthly, with points awarded for how well they meet the objectives. 40 points are available each month, with a total of 200 points available across the pilot scheme.  
The objectives can be found below:

 RMF Overview


The pilot will run from the 1st February until the 30th June 2023. During this time participating clubs can spend and save points in a manner that is most beneficial to them. There are several different items available through the Right-Minded Football reward shop, including:
• First aid kits, refills and equipment  
• Stattoo photo bundles 
• Boost party packages 
• Vesey teamwear vouchers
• McManus pub vouchers   
Clubs that are successful across all objectives could achieve rewards valued at over £500. 
Northants Football will track the impact that the pilot has on a club’s matchday experience, workforce development, player welfare and overall club development. We want all individuals, including both the players and workforce, involved in the game to feel the environment is positive and safe. Throughout the pilot scheme we will share good news stories from across the county and reward clubs for their efforts of developing their workforce, provisions and general playing experience. 
We look forward to sharing our findings after the conclusion of the pilot. In the meantime, we encourage all clubs to promote the headline message that tackling poor behaviour, and promoting positivity, is what’s best for the game! 


James Lock, one of the leads for the RMF project is excited about what this project can achieve.

He said “Right Minded Football (RMF) is one of the first County led initiatives that looks to reward clubs for their efforts in creating a positive matchday experience but also tackling poor behaviour. We understand that in most cases it is the few that let down the many and therefore, we wanted to develop a project that would reflect this challenge. We know that there is a lot of positivity and good work within our county game and we hope that RMF will encourage volunteers to share this with us. Northants Football are particularly interested in how effective the Respect & Referee Support Officer role has on matchday experience and we hope that by adding rewards for good practice, the number of poor behaviour incidents simultaneously reduces”. 

For further information on the Right Minded Football project please contact keegan.barstow@northamptonshirefa.com