Northants Combination League Accreditation Success

Northants Combination League Accreditation Success 

Congratulations go to the Northants Combination League who are the first League in the county to gain 100% club accreditation.

The League run 4 Adult Divisions, made up of 64 teams and circa 2,700 players all of which now play their football under the FA England Football Accreditation Kite mark.  As an England Football Accredited League, they can feel very proud that all their member clubs have reached standards where they can be considered the best place for people to play and enjoy their football.

Northants Combination

League Chairman Tim Wheeler told us “We as a league are absolutely delighted to have reached this milestone, 100% coverage is fantastic and something we take great pride in and being the first league in the County to do this is exceptional.
As a league we know that we wouldn’t have achieved this without the ongoing support of club volunteers who continue to work hard to ensure everything is in place to enable them to offer both the best and safest experience for their players and for this we thank them. The league would also like to thank Debbie Preston (NFA) who continues to support both the league and its clubs to be the best they can be”.  

Debbie Preston from the NFA commented “It’s been a pleasure to work with the league and their clubs to help them reach the requirements. The league and its clubs deserve praise as it shows a commitment to lead by example and provide a safer, stronger, more effective, and more enjoyable place to play and enjoy football. Well done to everyone who have gone above and beyond to make this happen”.

For clubs who are still in the process of renewing their accreditation the closing date is March 10th.

If you have any questions or need more support, please contact