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Matchday Coaches/Matchday Observers

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Matchday Coaches & Matchday Observers

Supporting the next generation of match officials

Matchday Coaches support the development of Level Y1, Level 7 and Level 6 referees who have applied to join the Referee Progression Pathway (RPP) and who are attempting to progress to the next level. Referees receive two coaching reports during the course of the season and a coaching visit is generally expected to be supportive, designed to help the referee in the early stages of their development

Matchday Observers support the development of Level 4W and Level 5 referees who have applied via the RPP to progress to the next level – Level 3W, Level 4 or both. Referees receive at least four observation reports during the season and an observation is generally expected to be a much more formalised process, focused around preparing the referee for Supply League or Women’s National League football

How do I become a Matchday Coach / Observer?

You do not have to have officiated at the top level to become a Matchday Coach. Experienced officials from Level 7 can make a difference to the development and progression of referees at all levels by becoming an Matchday Coach. You will be involved in the coaching of referees appropriate to your level of experience. However, it is preferred that Matchday Observers have operated at Level 4 or above and have the required skillset to give advice to enable referees to reach the semi-professional game and beyond.

You can also still be an active referee and complete coaching / observation visits when not refereeing. If you would like more information on becoming a Matchday Coach or Matchday Observer, please get in touch

Do I get paid for this role?

.Matchday Coaches are paid £30 for a coaching visit and Matchday Observers are paid £40 for an observation visit. 

What development opportunities are available for assessors?

Matchday Coaches and Observers are invited to development opportunities throughout the season. In addition to this, they are offered the opportunity to accompany senior Coaches / Observers to visits so they can see how this process is undertaken at a level above. We also have close links with local Supply League Observer Coordinators, which means that there is clear progression pathway for County Observers, should they wish to take this path


Olly Mackey

Referee Development Officer


Telephone: 01604 678401 

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