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Refereeing Support

Help is on hand for Northamptonshire's referees


In order to maintain its impressive work with referees in Northamptonshire, the County FA has launched a brand-new Referee Support Policy to provide its affiliated officials with an improved environment in which to develop.

We are proud of our track record of producing high quality officials who operate at the highest level of the game, and of the current work that goes into developing referees as they progress up the ladder.

Current successes which highlight the great work that is going on across the county are:

  • 97% of all matches in Northamptonshire are covered by a qualified, registered referee
  • A steady increase in referee numbers despite the national trend showing a decrease
  • Regular Referee Development Group meetings
  • International opportunities for our high potential referees
  • All new referee courses fully booked

In order to maintain these successes, Northamptonshire FA has recognised that it needs to improve both the environment in which it’s match officials operate in, and the support offered to these match officials. This improved support will entail a two-pronged attack from the brand-new Northamptonshire FA Referee Support Policy, and the re-launch of the Respect scheme across Northamptonshire.

The Northamptonshire FA Referee Support Policy is designed to clarify the process and procedures that the County FA will adhere to and can be expected to deliver to its referee workforce. Northamptonshire FA want to ensure that all of its officials have the best possible support available to them at all times.

To ensure it can offer the best possible provision, the County FA propose to implement the following initiatives to better support its referee workforce:

  • All new trainee referees will be assigned a Referee Mentor in partnership with the local leagues
  • A re-launch of its improved Referee Academy
  • The introduction of a 24-hour referee hotline (0330 111 6383)
  • Unannounced visits to games by Northamptonshire FA Match Delegates
  • Monday evening referee clinics to help support match officials from weekend games

Furthermore, The FA has recently announced that those found guilty of assaulting a referee will receive a minimum five year ban from the game, and a minimum ban of 56 days, or six matches, with a £50 fine will be issued to those found guilty of being abusive or threatening to referees. A free 24-hour referee hotline has been set up for Northamptonshire FA match officials to help support those reporting any incidents of such behaviour.

For further information about the Referee Support Policy or refereeing in general, please get in touch.


Luke Scott

Referee Development Officer


Telephone: 01604 678401 

Referee support

Reporting Misconduct

Whenever a referee cautions or dismisses a player from the field of play, or is reporting other forms of misconduct, he/she shall prepare a report of the incident or incidents.

These reports must be received by the County FA within two days of the match (Sunday not included).   

There has been considerable change in the manner in which match officials can report misconduct on the field of play, and now all misconduct is reported online through the Whole Game System.

Referee 'Reporting Misconduct' video.