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FA Referee Progression Pathway 2022-23

FA Referee Progression Pathway 2022-23

We're delighted to be able to share with you full information on the new exciting FA Progression Pathway and confirm that the application process is NOW OPEN!

As you will see, the newly modernised FA Referee Progression Pathway will create more progression opportunities for referees across the grassroots game (Levels 5, 6, 7 & Youth Referees). The priorities of this change will focus on: 

• Giving referees greater control over their own progression 
• Providing a route for expedited progression for those able to commit to more games 
• Instilling a developmental philosophy into grassroots refereeing 
• Motivating and incentivising refereeing through structural change 
• Removing some of the key barriers to progress 


The new methodology will replace the annual promotion process based on formal assessments, with progression based on: 

• Number of appointments
• Completion of free online referee development modules 
• Support and advice from Match Day Coaches, not Observers (formerly Assessors)
• Successful completion of a Laws of the Game exam 
• Attendance at face-to-face mandatory training (Level 6-5 only) 

Please click here to view a document giving a full overview of the newly updated FA Progression Pathway. 

Furthermore, please find detailed below specific information for each of the promotion levels providing exact information on what is required:

Youth Referees – Y1 & Y2  (PDF)

Level 7-6  (PDF)

Level 6-5 (PDF)

Level 5-4 (PDF)

4W – 3W (Female Referee Pathway)  (PDF)


In order to submit an application for one of the above progression pathways, please use the following link and complete by Monday 01 August 2022


We will then provide a full online (zoom) welcome call to all of our promotion candidates during early August providing further information and updates. 

For those candidates applying for Level 5-4 we will confirm the daters of the mock FA fitness 

We look forward to supporting those of you who wish to apply. 



Luke Scott 

Football Development Manager


(T) 01604 678401